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The launch of exhibitors invitation in the 17th Beijing Art Expo in 2014
The 17th Beijing Art Expo is going to hold in Beijing Exhibition Center from September 12th - 15th , 2014, the exhibition areas over 15,000 squares, Chinese and Western paintings, sculptures and multi-media equipments are going to be displayed. The 17th Beijing Art Expo’s exhibitors invitation has been fully activated at present.
Up till now, the domestic Hubei Institute of Fine Art, Beijing Athene Gallery, Shanghai Weilin Arts Co. Ltd and the overseas Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Gallery STEINER from Austria, United States and Israel’s Aviram Art Gallery and the other over 50 Art Institutions from Korea, French and the remaining 20 countries have already signed up to join the exhibition. The 17th Beijing Art Expo’s exhibitors invitation has been fully activated.
The 16th Beijing Art Expo which takes “Artistic Creavity, Artistic Life” as the theme has been successfully ended in Beijing in September, 2013. This Expo attracted over 100 Galleries and Art Institutions that from French, Austria, United States, Korea and the rest of over 20 countries to participate, it drew more than 30,000 audiences to visit and select artworks which include over 6,000 pieces Chinese traditional paintings, oil paintings, sculptures and other forms of artworks, the turnover created 120 million RMB and increased 40 percent volume compared to last year’s. In the exhibition, over 20 pieces European classic oil paintings during 17th -19th century from German Art-Tree Gallery, the Italy famous Realist painter Giovanni Canaletto’s masterpiece “Venice” and other classic works in the 18th century brought from Ukarine DARA Art Center were all traded in high prices. The famous artwork in gallery from USA, Bulgaria, Argntina, Russia, Spain and other countries also harvested a great deal. Tian Canghai’s watercolor works from Donglai Art center in China and oil paintings from Taiwan classic Gallery have also sold out in best prices. Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery, Z space and other wel-known contemporary of art will become a surge in consumption in the Expo. Every gallery’s turnover reached above 1 million.
Beijing Art Expo experienced sixteen years of trials and hardship, in the meantime, it has attracted more than 1500 Galleries and Art Institutions from 130 countries and regions around the wrold to participate. The Expo always follows the concept of “leading investment and collection of art, improving art quality and value”, continully expanding international exchange channels, aiming for creating a highly effective communication platform for Chinese and foreign artists and art lovers to appreciate art.