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                       Integrating the three lines of one exposition, one museum and one art academy together, 

Beijing Art Exposition forges the multi-function art production line  


Beijing Art Exposition will be held on 10 September to 13 September in Beijing Exhibition hall. Beijing art exposition is a main activity of “The third Beijing people beneficial culture consumption season” which is mainly hold by the state-owned culture assets supervision and administration office. Beijing Art Exposition is also the only international exhibition in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Band. It is mainly guided and hold by government. Beijing Art Exposition has accumulated strong art resource and abundant exposition experiences and formed a professional operation team, and has a amount of stable national and international customers and artists. After being forged for 17 years, Beijng Art Exposition has become a classic exposition with the longest history in China, the richest content and the deepest impact among Beijng people and Art circle. It has become an important platform which accelerates the art communication in domestic and at abroad, enriches art creation and pushes the development of art industry.

杨飞云 夏日 亚麻布 60×40cm

 Yang Feiyun Summer Day Canvas 60×40cm

 In order to better integrate various resources, Beijing Art Exposition has concentrated its years operation experiences and will move to Beijing Xin Wen Building in July, 2015. Beijing Xin Wen building is an luxury office building of five stars which is invested and established by Beijing Daily Group. The out looking of Xin Wen building applies European Renaissance architectural style as its main style, which is solemn and romantic, and its interior decoration combines European classical style and modern style together, which is luxury elegant and also simply and practical. And it also highlights the strong art atmosphere and profound cultural connotation.                                                                                                                                                                                               
The establishment of the Committee of Art Exposition in Xin Wen building can not only be more convenient for contacting and organizing national and international artists and galleries, and serve art collectors from various social circles. At the same time, Beijing Wen Chuang Art Academy is also newly established, which focuses on pushing art creation, research and training as its main business. Various art researches and creations will be hold all the year round.; At the same time, the Art Academy has established Wen Chuang museum which has an exhibition area of 700 Squares on the second floor of Beijing Xin Wen building, classic artworks of famous artists will be exhibited there for years. The exhibition of classic art works of modern famous artists will be hold when the museum be newly opened, including Zhu Dequn, Ding Shaoguang, He Jiaying, Luo Zhongli, Xu Jiang, Su Xinping, He Duoling, Pang Maokun etc.. And there will be main theme exhibitions of numerous classic art works of famous artists. So far, Beijing Art Exhibition has integrated the Art Academy, exposition and Art Museum the tree parts together, and coalesced the whole industry chain of art communication, creation and research, perennial exhibition and art promotion. And at the same time it forges the multi net promotion platform of on line and off line, and initiates the totally new chapter of culture creation industry in China.

                                   徐唯辛 端碗的藏民 亚麻布 80×100cm

                                                Xu Weixin  The Tibetans who hold a bowl Canvas 80×100cm