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Chen Shaomei Art Studies
  Chen Shaomei Art Studies is the social organization of comprehensiveness.
It aims at studying and carrying forward modern Chinese Painter
Chen Shaomei's painting artwork, promoting Chinese Nation traditional culture's renaissance and Socialism Culture

Chen Shaomei(1909-1954),named Yunzhang, Shaomei,be famous at calligraphy. Hunan Hengshan resident.When he was young,he followed his father Chen Jiayan(named Meisheng, was living in end of Qing Dynasty,when he was at his old age, he presided over Hengyan Shuyuan.) studying poem and calligraphy.When he was 14, he joined "Chinese Painting Studies". He attended "Hushe Painting Studies",when he was 21, he won the Art Silver Prize of Belgium International Exposition.When he was 22, he went to Tianjin to preside "Hushe Painting Studies" Tianjin Branch.Then to engage Chinese painting and art education. He paintedMountain,People and Beauty.Pen and ink flourish,deep capability,some are ancient,some are beautiful,owing his own style in painting circle; his calligraphyis not under his painting,one of the famous Chinese painters in 20 century. All his life deprived in heritage and development of national traditional painting.
He is specialized at preceding,and he has ever been called "as first person after Tang Yin", "Modern Tang Bohu".Mr.Qi Gong indicated definitely,"Modern painter got the heritages of Songxian mountain and people, Hengshan Mr.Chen Shaomei
is being recommended." Chen Shaomei kept pace with the times, not only recovered 300 years of Beizong prosperous,but also storage Beizong,adding charm of Nanzong,having done the fusion of Nan Beizong, form the spcecial feature of "Bei Gu Nan Feng",achieved the highest realm of China traditional painting. His painting is the culture treasury of Chinese nation. When the people republic of China was founded,he took the post of vice president of China Artists Association of Tianjin Branch,explored the traditional ink to express new life,createda group of modern topics artworks. He was died in Beijing on September 9, 1954.